Top Free SEO Tools You Can’t Afford to Miss

In this blog post I will be giving you the top FREE SEO tools that I constantly used in almost day to day basis.

SEO tools like link tracker, search engine traffic tracker, rank tracker and other SEO stuff is very important to any SEO professional so he/she can perform his/her work without interruption.

I will try to list here the best and most useful tools that I regularly use, please pardon me if I will miss something. You are FREE to comment below to include your own suggestion.

Top FREE Back-links Tracker Tools:

1. Majestic SEO - It is by far the most advance and common used tool that I always go to in a daily basis. The tool lets me analyze the number of domains and back-links pointing to a certain URL. You can also see the top backlinks, referring domains and the newest feature is the link profile.

If you are run anonymous requests, Majestic SEO may limit your access to the site. I suggest you create your account so that you can use the tool fairly. If you need deep data’s then their pro account might be the best for you. Visit Majestic SEO at

2. Open Site Explorer by – Unlike Majestic SEO, this one has more deep data but you’re request are only limited. This tool lets you see up to 3-5 pages of referring domains that pointing to a certain URL. It even allows you to peak into the anchor text used in all the links pointing to a certain URL. It also has a feature called “compare metrics” that allows you to compare up to 5 sites simultaneously.

You can add your own site and the 4 more sites of your competitors; even if it’s limited you can have a great data by using this feature. The pro account has an even more powerful feature; if you want to use this tool go to

3. Ahrefs – This one is fairly new but just a few months after it was launched. It’s one of the most regarded “advance site explorer” by most webmaster. The 2 things I like about this tool are that it shows you real time backlinks that’s been created pointing to your site. For example you want to see the back-links created for the month of August 2012.

The tool will show you all the links they’ve gather from August 1-31. You can even segregate them on a daily basis. The tool also has an anchor text metrics tool, giving you an idea of the over-all anchor text used in the back-links of your site. This tool also has its limits to free users, if you want to use it now go to

Top FREE Keyword Ranking Tools:

1. Microsite Masters – This is my personal favorite web based rank tracking tool. You can put unlimited domains and check 10 keywords daily in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Even though the paid plans have very big advantages from the free one, you still will find the free plan useful especially if you’re just tracking your own personal site. Go to

2. Cuterank – This is my personal favorite desktop based ranking tool. Based on their site you can only track a single site with numerous keywords. Again if you are only tracking the rankings of your own personal site. The free plan might be enough. The paid one is not that expensive though, it only costs $59.95. Go to today!

Top FREE Mass PageRank Check tools:

1. is the fastest and most accurate PR checker tool that I have ever used in my entire SEO career. The mass PR checker allows you to check maximum of 100 urls daily and after that you need to either wait for tomorrow or buy some credits. The second tool is the fake PR checker; it shows you if the given PageRank of a certain URL is fake or real. The tool only allows free user to run 40 urls per day. If you want to use this tool now go to

2. Bulk Google PageRank Checker by – It may not be the fastest mass PR checker out there; it is a decent tool for checking unlimited amounts of URLS. I have used this tool in the past and I think it’s a great FREE tool that any SEO’s should not miss. Go to

Miscellaneous FREE SEO tool(s):

1. The SEO Toolbar by – This is by far the most advance and FREE SEO tools that you can’t afford miss. It’s a plug-in in Mozilla Firefox that allows you to instantly see the PR if a certain page, back-links aggregated using the top back-link checker mentioned above and more. If you need more information about this tool go to

Want to add your own FREE SEO Tool? Comment below!


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