Social Media Optimization Service

Social Media Marketing is one of the most effective ways in creating a buzz and brand exposure of any company. By the help of social media platforms people share their stories and experiences in all sorts of things and that includes products and service that they are using. Basically, if you are interested in small and very targeted people that precisely interested in what you have to offer then Social Media Optimization might be the missing key in your business’ success on the Internet.

Here is the overview of the Social Media Optimization service:
The primary source of this service will be Facebook and its Pay-per-click program. Basically what we will do is to create (or modify) an FB business page of your site(s) and then use that as a landing page when people click on our ad.

We can target ALL Facebook users who like some of your competitors. ( we can target virtually anyone). You can also give us some ideas on who your target people are so that we can arrange an FB targeting strategy. The package includes an advertising budget and blog posts in your site every month.

The benefits that you can get from this campaign:

  • Your Brand will become familiar across the people who have seen your ad
  • Your Facebook Page’s likes will increase significantly and of course immediate visitors that may convert as a customer.
  • You will be visible across different social media platforms
  • Use social media as your quick tool in responding to client’s issues
  • Gain real and legitimate followers and likes

Included work:*

  • Account creation (or optimization) on top social bookmarking sites
  • Well research and written blog posts
  • Content syndication on top and influential social media platforms
  • Utilize free social media tools to boost the campaign


Price: $500 per month
Advertising budget for the PPC: $200
Blog posts: 12 per month
Estimated Facebook fans gained per month: 500-1,000
*Other work mentioned above is included

Price: $800 per month
Advertising budget for the PPC: $400
Blog posts: 24 per month
Estimated Facebook fans gained per month: 1,000-2,000
*Other work mentioned above is included

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