SEO Hosting – Is It Worth Using It?

Normally, there are only three different types of hosting that you can use for your websites; shared, VPS, and dedicated. However, due to the recent and big updates that were released by Google, the popularity of using SEO Hosting is rapidly growing daily. This type of hosting refers to the ability of a webmaster to host different websites on different C-class IPV4 (or  IPV6) addresses, giving them a fair boost in the algorithm of Google and the way it ranks websites.

Creating several websites that contain links pointing to a bigger website is a common practice for a lot of Internet marketers. This bigger website is also called as “money site” or the website that was made to generate the most income, and is the one that needs to rank higher in search engines. The problem with it is that mostly these websites have the same IP address (or hosted in the same hosting account) as the main site, which is what the Google is trying to detect.

Some argue that multiple websites that have the same IP address as the one they are linking to is considered as “webspam” according to Google. What this means is that it is no longer advisable to use 1 shared hosting account if you are going to create several websites, since Google may penalize your site. This is what you need to avoid when working on SEO, and using SEO Hosting to have different IP addresses for different websites will help you work around it.

Now, you actually are not required to get an SEO Hosting if you want to have different websites. For SEO purposes you can still use shared hosting, but you would need to have 10 different hosting services for 10 different websites, which is not that easy to manage and each of them don’t have the same features compared to the others. Aside from this, managing 10 different websites hosted to 10 different services would take a lot of time. So in order to work on this problem; meaning being able to manage websites conveniently and have them under one roof, you’d rather get SEO Hosting.

People who are only starting to understand Internet marketing may find this type of webhosting service as a waste of money, since you may have to spend about $5-7 per website per month. However, if you truly understand the importance of being able to create 10 virtually unrelated websites and linking them to a website that you want to generate money, the results that you will get are more than what you have spent for your monthly hosting fees (assuming you do it well). And of course it does not happen all the time, you need to study this subject further and you need to really know that you’re doing.

Now, after the successive Google Updates, SEO no longer depends on how many links pointing are to your site, but also the quality and relevance of these links. Although there could be no “one-size-fits-all” method when it comes to SEO, following the basic rules (which is don’t spam and create awesome content) that search engines have set will surely increase your site’s rankings and will help you take advantage of being able to appear higher in the search results page.


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