Google+ Authorship and SEO

More than building a social networking site, Google+ was intentionally made to add more human element to Google search results (and Google’s last shot to compete with Facebook after the failure of Google Wave). In fact, there are alot of powerful things that Google offers inside Google+, which makes it a very powerful tool for Internet marketers. There are a lot of webmasters and SEO experts who are saying that Google+ authorship is very important, but a lot of people are still unaware of the importance of this tool.

Google+ authorship refers to linking your blogs/sites to your Google+ author profile. It was also implemented by Google to combat web scrapers and give credit to the original authors that have been working harder to produce awesome content. After you confirmed and linked your Google+ profile to your blogs/sites, in a few weeks your author photo, Google+ profile and number of circles will start to show up in Google’s search results. Go to search engine land today to know more about how to make this work.

However, a lot of people mistakenly think that authorship can increase their rankings, but as far as Google is concern it is not YET a strong signal to increase search engine rankings. It is  said that they are using more than 200 signals to determine whether a website is relevant to a particular topic or not, and authorship is not one of these major signals. Yes, it may affect the search results, but the current algorithm of Google will not allow authorship to overcome other signals that they are using.

For now, establishing your Google+ profile and adding more people/circles will help you on several aspects such as preparing your profile to be an authority and being able to build your brand over people who are interested with the topic that you are trying to discuss. According to Google, this is a way to make the Internet much more social, and will make interaction more possible with the help of users using this new social media platform. Of course Google may or may not admit but they also want Google+ to compete toe to toe with Facebook.

Google+ may not give you huge impact on the traffic that you will receive, but the users and the chances of interacting with them are things that are not to be taken lightly. Google authorship may not be a dominant force that Google can use to improve search engine rankings, but it is definitely not off the table when it comes to social signals which are more and more relevant as the evolution of social networks continues. Aside from this, they will also use authorization to make the search results more credible and trustworthy.


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