The Best SEO in the Philippines

Here’s some tips on how the find the Best SEO in the Philippines.

Top Social SEO Strategies

Do you still know anyone who does not have a Facebook or a Twitter account? If you are having a hard time thinking of a person in your social circle who is not subscribed to at least one social networking site, then it is just a testament to the reach and power of these sites. more »

SEO Hosting – Is It Worth Using It?

Normally, there are only three different types of hosting that you can use for your websites; shared, VPS, and dedicated. However, due to the recent and big updates that were released by Google, the popularity of using SEO Hosting is rapidly growing daily. This type of hosting refers to the ability of a webmaster to more »

Google+ Authorship and SEO

More than building a social networking site, Google+ was intentionally made to add more human element to Google search results (and Google’s last shot to compete with Facebook after the failure of Google Wave). In fact, there are alot of powerful things that Google offers inside Google+, which makes it a very powerful tool for more »

The Rise of Mobile SEO

Now that more and more people are using smartphones, and most of them are using it to search the Internet, a business owner should know how he can work on mobile SEO to make his website more visible to this type of user. SEO is undeniably one of the best ways to get more customers, more »

How Social Media Optimization Can Help Your Business

Social media is now considered as one of the biggest source of traffic in the Internet Marketing industry, because it encourages better interaction with people. This is the reason why most businesses today use social media optimization to help them gain more customers.

Top 3 SEO Methods To Avoid After The Google Penguin Update

We all know what happened few months ago after Google released the Penguin Update, the whole SEO industry was rocked! And countless of webmasters lost their rankings overnight . If you want to be successful with search engine optimization, you need to avoid these 3 SEO methods that may trigger a Google Penguin penalty: Automation more »

Top Free SEO Tools You Can’t Afford to Miss

In this blog post I will be giving you the top FREE SEO tools that I constantly used in almost day to day basis. SEO tools like link tracker, search engine traffic tracker, rank tracker and other SEO stuff is very important to any SEO professional so he/she can perform his/her work without interruption. I more »

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing SEO to the Philippines

Getting an SEO service is a must for those who want to be successful with their online business. Since more and more people are using the Internet, we cannot consider a business to be successful without any presence on the Internet. Building a website is the first step in building your presence on the Internet, more »

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization!

If you are in Internet marketing, you need SEO, period. There’s no such thing as powerful as SEO when it comes to driving highly targeted traffic to your site, and a lot of companies are spending thousands of dollars every month just to be able to optimize their website. Traffic is the lifeblood of any more »

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