Extreme SEO Philippines is a service based Search Engine Optimization team whose goal is to help business people build their Internet presence and rank their site in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) and gain targeted traffic.

Our Goal

Our main purpose in Extreme SEO Philippines is to simply help you boost your Internet presence and gain targeted traffic which results in more sales, profits and better ROI.

Our Philosophy

We believe that our rewards in life will be in the direct match to our service. So as a team we will work very hard to deliver our optimum service for you and your business

Our Team

Jomer Gregorio (Senior SEO Developer)

Jomer Gregorio is our Senior SEO Developer and the Founder of the team. He is a network marketer in his early business life. His interest in Internet Marketing starts when his network marketing business is not going well.

After making up his mind to start an Internet Marketing business he initially work as a Merchandiser in a Super Market so that he can maintain his business and personal expenses.

Jomer Gregorio has been doing Search Engine Optimization for almost 4 years now. He starts creating web pages and optimizing them since June 2008. His first ever website is still online up to this day.


He managed and work with multiple websites and rank them in the first page of top Search Engines for his private clients as well as his own personal sites.  As a prospective client, Jomer Gregorio will make sure that he fully delivers his Quality service and rank your site in the first page of the top Search Engines.

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